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Goals and Dreams -- What is the difference? How are they the same? Over the holidays, I had some goals for repairing things around the house. I finally got to them the last possible day. Since they weren't fun goals, I kept putting them out of my mind.

Compare this with planning and preparing for a vacation. When I have an exciting goal, a dream, it is in my mind much of the day. It becomes a driving force for me.

What excites you? What would you like to achieve this year? How about one of these?

Perhaps you should increase your personal income to $100,000? Or $200,000 or more?

What if you were famous or at least respected enough to be interviewed on Nightline?

Suppose you woke up one morning and didn't have a single past due bill?

Or, maybe you just want more time with your kids or your sweetheart or breathing the beautiful fresh air.

Man in Hammock

This list of goals and dreams is a suggestion to get your juices flowing. The list above includes real goals that my clients or those of my associates have actually achieved.

When its 95 in the shade this summer, would you like to be on vacation in the mountains?

Suppose your business was so established that your banker would call you about next year's working capital needs?

Do you have an exciting goal? Put your own in this list and let me know how you do. I would like to add your success to my list next year. Now is the time to set your goal for an exciting year!


What if you could afford to hire that key person to really take the pressure off you?

Paris in the spring! Ever tried it?

Suppose you built your business so that you could sell it for big bucks and go teach or pick daisies or something?

How about another TV, VCR, PC, CD or even a BMW?

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This is the first newsletter from Azure Group, Inc. I hope that you enjoy the reading. Please give me feedback on what you liked, what you didn't and any business subjects you want to read about.

Jim Staal

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